Scottish History

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Scottish History Websites

The Scottish History Society – the leading publisher of original sources relating to the history of Scotland. Founded in 1886, the Society has published over 170 volumes; taken together, these form a collection of great richness and variety illustrating the history of the nation as recorded by contemporaries.

History of Scotland – Wikipedia

Women’s History Scotland – Promoting study and research in women’s and gender history in Scotland

The Scottish Local History Forum – The umbrella organisation for all individuals and organisations interested in local history in Scotland.

Scottish Local History Groups and Societies

Abertay Historical Society – Promoting the history of Angus, Fife and Perthshire.

Cathcart Circle Architecture – All the buildings featured in this exploration of the architecture of Glasgow’s southern suburbs can be visited from stations on the Cathcart Circle railway line.

History Scotland Magazine – Explore Scotland’s incredible past.

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